Citrino, G, Assignment #2

Citrino, G, Assignment #2 - Gabrielle Citrino NS 1150...

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Gabrielle Citrino NS 1150 Article Analysis October 7, 2009 Assignment #2 Controversy: Does the Gluten-Free Casein-Free (GFCF) Elimination Diet play a role in improving the behavior of children with autism? Harrison et al., (2006) performed an initial double blind clinical trial to determine whether further research should be done on the effects of the GFCF diet in relation to children with autism spectrum disorder. Fifteen children ages 2-16 were chosen as par- ticipants. Their degree of autism varied. They were a sample from the Center for Autism and related Disabilities and the Child Psychiatry Services at the University of Florida, though only 13 completed the 12 week study. Participation was based upon a diagnosis of autistic disorder as defined by the APA. Children were excluded from the study if their medical histories and/or physical examinations indicated that they had physical/sensory impairments. Subjects were described using the Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS), the Ecological Communication Orientation (ECO) Language Sample Summary, and the Autism Diagnostic Interview - Revised (ADI - R). CARS is a scale used to as- sess autistic behaviors. ECO Scales report on child behavior by collecting interactive samples. ADI-R is an interview with the caregivers of individuals with autism. The children were observed in unstructured interaction with their primary care- givers for 15 minutes in their homes before the diets began, at the halfway point and at the completion of the 12 weeks. Each participant’s normal diet served as the original baseline and as the control for the first 6 weeks. The experimental diet consisted of
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foods that were gluten- and casein-free. Foods that are casein-free are not products of
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Citrino, G, Assignment #2 - Gabrielle Citrino NS 1150...

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