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Eng 4 Article 1 Upload

Eng 4 Article 1 Upload - mine slacker roommate hit 5 I also...

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Article #1 Entry: “Utahns can now practice DUI jail call”. Associated Press. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090829/ap_on_fe_st/us_practice_dui_calls As I sat down today to make another half-hearted attempt at completing my blog assignment, I hit the jackpot when I accidently stumbled across an article with the following title, “Utahns can now practice DUI jail call”. And so, naturally with my curiosity aroused about what those Utahns were up to now, I had no choice but to click on the link. Now, you know that one phone call that you get if you ever wind up in jail? Well, turns out the Utahns have decided to set up a phone number to help you practice that call. It is part of another somewhat futile campaign created by the Utah Highway Patrol to help lower the number of drunk driving arrests. Is this really going to make a difference or will it just end up being another method of amusement for teenagers? After calling the toll-free number several times, I found it to be a lot more entertaining than informative (for a favorite of
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Unformatted text preview: mine, slacker roommate, hit 5). I also found a lack of realism though those who lost a loved one due to drunk driving might argue otherwise. And I agree that there should be more campaigns against drunk driving but I am unsure if this phone line is really the solution. Though I am sure the creators had the best interests at heart, I do not see how this particular campaign is going to help decrease the 11,773 of annual alcohol-related deaths (2008 data). Secondly, no matter how much you try and persuade yourself, there is no such thing as “free” (TINSTAFL theory). Yes, you heard me correctly and I am sorry to burst your bubble and disillusion you. Someone is always going to have to pay the price and right now I am wondering whose pocket this is all coming out of. Further research provided me with no information. On a lighter note, at least you’ll know what to do with that phone call if you ever do wind up in jail. So go ahead, give in to that urge, and dial 1-877-JAIL-FON ....
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