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Unformatted text preview: ANSWER KEY NAME _____________________ Exam 2 LEB 323 (9:30) Spring 2009 Jamie Peterson This exam consists of 2 parts, 12 True/False questions and 13 Multiple Choice questions. Each question is worth 4 points. Be sure to transfer your answers to your Scantron answer sheet. I will grade only your Scantron . You have until the end of class to finish this exam. Watch the clock and pace yourself. I will announce when there are 15 minutes remaining. Put your name on this test and name and test version on your Scantron . Both this exam and your Scantron must be turned in at the end of the exam or I will not accept your exam and you will receive a zero on it. Keep your eyes on your own test at all times. UT Honor Code: The core values of The University of Texas at Austin are learning, discovery, freedom, leadership, individual opportunity, and responsibility. Each member of the university is expected to uphold these values through integrity, honesty, trust, fairness, and respect toward peers and community.- 1 - ANSWER KEY True or False – Mark “A” on your Scantron if the answer is true and “B” if it’s false. 1-4-9. Joe was sitting by a public pond when he noticed Susan’s boat tied up near a small dock. He walked over to the dock, threw Susan out of the boat, and drove off in the boat. Joe has committed larceny. FALSE 2-3-12. Susan’s neighbor, Joe, comes and mows her lawn every Tuesday during the months of March – August. Susan always pays Joe $75 at the end of each month for his work. This has been going on since 1985. During February of 2008, Susan decides that she does not want Joe to come mow her lawn anymore, but she never calls and tells him not to come. Joe mows her lawn in March and April of 2008 before Susan gets around to telling him not to come anymore. A court would probably require Susan to pay Joe for the work he performed during March and April of 2008. TRUE 3-11-10. Susan owns a shoe store. She faxes Nike a document that states that she will purchase 25 pairs of Nike flip flops at $10 apiece if Nike is able to deliver the flip flops on or before next Thursday. Susan states that if she has not heard from Nike w/in 24 hours, she will present a similar offer to a competitor. She then signs the fax and sends it over to Nike. If Susan stumbles across a better deal during the next 24 hours, she will be able to revoke her offer to Nike as long as Nike has not yet accepted it. FALSE 4-8-7. Susan promises Joe that she will do his tax return if he will give her a free dental 4-8-7....
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This note was uploaded on 10/27/2009 for the course LEB 03605 taught by Professor Peterson during the Spring '09 term at University of Texas.

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exam2.answerkey.9.30_1 - ANSWER KEY NAME Exam 2 LEB...

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