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Contracts: Nature and Classification Corresponding Reading Assignment: Corresponding Reading Assignment: Text: pages 298 - 311 On Blackboard: Ardito v. City of Providence 1. Definition of a Contract 2. Classification of Contract a. Bilateral v. Unilateral Contracts i. Bilateral – ii. Unilateral 1. Precision Concepts Corp. v. General Employment & Triad Personnel Services (page 300) 2. Ardito v. City of Providence (on blackboard) b. i. Express: ii. Implied:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Elements: 2. Carroll v. Lee (page 304) iii. Quasi Contracts (implied in law) 1. Purpose: 2. Test: 3. Deskovick et al. v. Porzio (page 306) 3. Valid, Voidable, and Void contracts a. Valid Contract: b. Voidable: c. Void Contracts: d. Unenforceable Contracts: 4. Negotiated Contracts and Contracts of Adhesion i. Hartland Computer Leasing Corp. v. the Insurance Man, Inc . (p. 309) 5. Executory & Executed Contracts 6. Contract Law and Sales Law –...
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bb.outline.knature&classification - 1 Elements 2...

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