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Attraction Review - HDF 304/WGS 301 Family Relationships...

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HDF 304/WGS 301 – Family Relationships Review Sheet: Attraction Attraction 1. What is the fundamental assumption about attraction? 2. How many types of rewards influence attraction? What are they? What are some examples? 3. You should be able to distinguish between these (two) types of rewards when given examples. 4. What is meant by ‘attraction by association’ (or ‘misattribution of arousal’)? Be able to provide some examples. 5. Under what circumstances does attraction by association “work”? (i.e., what conditions must be met?) 6. What is the most basic route to attraction? Why? 7. What was demonstrated in the Festinger, Schachter, and Back study of student apartment complexes? How did they, generally speaking, conduct the study? 8. What is one reason proximity affects attraction? How does this affect long distance relationships? 9. How does proximity lead to familiarity? 10. What is meant by “mere exposure” and why is it an important concept?
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  • Spring '09
  • Loving
  • Physical attractiveness, Waist-hip ratio, HDF 304/WGS 301, student apartment complexes, Family Relationships Review

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