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Balancing Work and Family Review

Balancing Work and Family Review - 8 What 4 factors...

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HDF 304/WGS 301 – Family Relationships Balancing Work and Family Review Sheet Balancing Work and Family 1. How does the amount American’s work compare to the rest of the industrialized world? ± Know the basic stats I put up (i.e., what percentage of folks work more than 40 hours a week and what percentage have 2 or more jobs?) 2. How do adults report feeling when it comes to work and the rest of their life? 3. Do you plan to have kids? Do you plan to work? What challenges will you face? What is your ideal situation vs. worst case scenario? Why? 4. What are child outcomes when parents work? 5. What was traditionally thought to be child outcomes when parents work (i.e., mainly moms)? 6. What are benefits (to children) of employed moms? 7. Do parents and kids agree about the pros and cons of parents working?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. What 4 factors contribute to the effects parental work has on child welfare? 9. What was the purpose of the class activity? 10. How are parents faring when it comes to working and having a family? 11. Know the average amount of hours parents spend with kids when: ± Single-parent mother ± 2-earner, 2-parent families ± 2-parent, breadwinner-housewife families 12. What is meant by the statement that “career and family involvement have never been combined easily in the same person” 13. What are the effects on dads (i.e., when they try to be involved in their family)? 14. What are 2-career marriages? 15. What do people in 2-career marriages rely on to manage time? 16. What are some of the challenges faced with 2-career marriages? 17. What is a trailing spouse?...
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