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Cohabitation Review

Cohabitation Review - married cohabitors vs previously...

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HDF 304/WGS 301 – Family Relationships Cohabitation Review Sheet Cohabitation 1. How are trends in the age at first marriage associated with cohabitation rates? 2. How does the US Census Bureau define cohabitation? What potential problems does this definition have? 3. What percentage of couples cohabit prior to marriage? 4. What are the general characteristics of people who choose to cohabit? 5. How do cohabitation rates differ across race? 6. What evidence is there that cohabitation is a short term relationship status? 7. What percentage of cohabitants have kids living in the home? (be sure to distinguish between never
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Unformatted text preview: married cohabitors vs. previously married cohabitors). 8. Why do people cohabit? Why is this an important question? 9. Be familiar with Casper & Sayer’s categories of cohabitors and how they identify them. 10. What relationship outcomes are associated with cohabitation? a. Does this mean cohabitation causes these outcomes? b. Why or why not? (be able to think of specific reasons) 11. What is the difference between the cohabitation effect and the selection effect? 12. Why is it important to know what outcomes ARE associated with cohabitation? How can this information be misused?...
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