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HDF 304/WGS 301 – Family Relationships Commitment Review Sheet Commitment 1. What is commitment? 2. What is meant by the ABCs of commitment? What are they? Can you provide examples of each? 3. Know the Investment Model well. Very well. a. According to this model, what 3 factors contribute to commitment? How do they contribute to commitment (i.e., what is their association with commitment)? b. In what circumstances would satisfaction not predict whether or not somebody remained in a relationship? c. How is satisfaction determined? (i.e., what is the equation) d. What are the various types of alternatives? e. What are investments? 4. Be familiar with the Rusbult & Martz (1995) study on Abusive Relationships a. Who did they sample? b. How did they measure the investment model components? c. About how many women returned to their partner? d. What did they find? 5. In what ways do words tell us something about individuals’ levels of commitment (i.e., recall the demonstration on
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Unformatted text preview: cognitive interdependence)? 6. What types of behaviors/other things does commitment lead to (i.e., relationship maintenance behaviors)? 7. What is the basic point behind Johnson’s Model of Commitment? a. What are his 3 types of commitment (general and specific definitions)? b. Does this model make intuitive sense to you? Why or why not? 8. What are some reasons you might want to collect outsiders’ perspectives of a relationship (vs. from the people in the relationship)? 9. Be familiar with the study I described in class that goes with question #8. Know both the method and the results (generally). 10. Why is it important to know how committed somebody is rather than how they ‘feel’ about a person if you want to know how long a relationship is going to last?...
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