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Unformatted text preview: HDF 304/WGS 301 Family Relationships Communication Review Sheet Communication 1. What did I mean by interpersonal gap? (know the graphic very well) 2. What is nonverbal communication? (i.e., define it) 3. What are the functions of nonverbal communication? Be able to provide examples of each. 4. What are the components of nonverbal communication discussed in class? 5. Are facial expressions learned or are they innate (i.e., are we born with them)? How do you know this? 6. What is the importance of gazing behavior? How does/can gazing impact relationships? 7. What is the importance of nonverbal sensitivity in close relationships? Be familiar with how studies are conducted to determine who is bad at encoding/decoding as well as the findings reported in class (i.e., see the handouts on blackboard). 8. You should be able to draw out a diagram that would depict how to determine whether or not particular individuals are good/bad encoders/decoders (e.g., Jack and Jill are having communication problems.individuals are good/bad encoders/decoders (e....
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