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HDF 304/WGS 301 – Family Relationships Love Review Sheet Love 1. True or False. Throughout history, feelings of love were a key component of who a person chose for a spouse. Be able to support your response (e.g., what statistics support this?) 2. Traditionally speaking, why have people married? 3. Who falls in love quicker? (men or women) (note: I didn’t mention this work, but take a guess) 4. Is love a unitary concept? (i.e., is it just one thing?) 5. What are the differences between passionate love and companionate love? a. What is needed for passionate love to occur? b. What happens when passionate love is reciprocated? Unreciprocated? c. In a study of people married 15 years or longer, what two things did they say about why their marriages have lasted? d. Are passionate and companionate love stable over time? If not, how do they change? 6. Be familiar with Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love. a.
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