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Preventing pregnancy and STIs – Guest speaker 1. What is the menstrual cycle? 2. How long can sperm live? How long can eggs live? 3. How many days per month is pregnancy possible? 4. About how many days out of her life is a woman fertile? About how many days out of his life is a man fertile? 5. What is the difference between “perfect use” and “typical use” of contraception? 6. If a woman does not use contraception, how likely is she to become pregnant within a year? 7. What are the three types of over-the-counter methods of
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Unformatted text preview: contraception? 8. For each of the following contraceptive methods, know: • Its effectiveness at preventing pregnancy, both for perfect and typical use • Its effectiveness at preventing STIs (if applicable) • How it is used • How it works • The different forms/varieties in which it comes (if applicable) a. Male condoms b. Female condoms c. Spermicides d. Combination pills e. Nuva Ring f. IUD g. Depo-Provera h. Diaphragm i. Plan B (Emergency contraception)...
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