Quiz 11(2) - C hapter 13 1. In which country do workers...

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Chapter 13 1. In which country do workers receive 30 vacation days per year? a. the United States b. Denmark c. Japan d. Mexico p. 385 2. Which Western industrialized nation has the greatest income inequality? a. England b. France c. the United States d. Canada p. 386 3. Which of the following statements about the poverty line is FALSE? a. The poverty line is three times the estimate of the annual cost of food that contains the minimum nutrients required for survival. b. There is a gap between the official poverty line and what a family requires for basic necessities. c. The poverty line changes every year to reflect changes in the cost of basic goods and services. d. The poverty line overestimates the amount of money a family needs for basic necessities. p. 390 4. According to several polls, more than half of all Americans feel that the poor a. don’t believe in hard work, lack motivation, and are lazy. b. are desperately looking for jobs. c. are unfairly stereotyped as being lazy.
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d. are poor because of wage discrimination. p. 392 5. Which of the following has led to the rise in homelessness? a. increase in federal low-income housing expenditures b. a lack of affordable housing c. increased numbers of people with marketable skills d. increase in high school and college drop outs p. 393 6. When a wife has a higher income than her husband, a. both the husband and wife feel that the husband should do more of the household chores. b. the husband is likely to have greater marital satisfaction. c. the wife is likely to feel better about the marriage and herself. d. she usually has more decision making power than the husband.
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Quiz 11(2) - C hapter 13 1. In which country do workers...

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