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HDF 304/WGS 301 – Family Relationships Violence Review Sheet Violence 1. Why was little research attention given to the topic of violence in intimate relationships prior to the 1970s? 2. Why is it difficult to get accurate assessments of the prevalence of violence? 3. You don’t need to know exact statistics, but know general trends. 4. How do rates of violence differ by ethnicity? Why? (your response, among other things, should include the words ‘stress’ and ‘acculturation’) 5. What types of violence are most common? 6. What are the four types of couple violence discussed? Be able to list and define them. 7. Why/how does common couple violence occur? 8. What is patriarchal terrorism? How is it different from common couple violence?
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Unformatted text preview: 9. What are the potential negative side effects of patriarchal terrorism? 10. What types of control tactics do patriarchal terrorists use? 11. How are ‘violent resistants’ related to the patriarchal terrorist type of violence? How are they different from patriarchal terrorists? 12. What is more common: wife-to-husband violence, or husband-to-wife violence? 13. Who is more likely to suffer physical harm from violence? More likely to be killed? 14. What is the importance in the statistic that same sex couples also show relatively high levels of violence? (your response should include the words “intimate terrorism”)...
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