Lecture-39 Analgesics

Lecture-39 Analgesics - Analgesics Three major classes of...

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Analgesics Three major classes of analgesics 1. NSAIDs 2. Opioid analgesics 3. Other Analgesia from plant products – salicin isolated from willow bark. ASA synthesized in 1853 and introduced into medical practice in 1899 by Bayer as aspirin. Pain is obviously essential to life – warns of impending tissue damage or injury. Nociceptors can be stimulated chemically or mechanically. Kinins, histamine and prostaglandins (PGE 2 /PGF 2 α ) activate pain receptors. Pain transmission by peripheral neurons to spinal cord and then brain. This is mediated by fast myelinated A δ fibers (10-30 m/s) and slower nonmyelinated C fibers (0.5-2 m/s).
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What do NSAIDs do? NSAIDs are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs with the following properties: 1. Pain relieving properties 2. Antipyretic (reduce fever) 3. Anti-inflammatory Fever – response of body to presence of exogenous or endogenous pyrogens. Bacteria, mold & viruses have lipopolysaccarides on their surfaces that trigger release of pyrogens such as cytokines (eg. IL-1) from leukocytes and monocytes. These pyrogens act at the preoptic anterior hypothalamus to release arachidonic acid, stimulate prostaglandin synthesis and raise the temperature set point. Inflammation
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Lecture-39 Analgesics - Analgesics Three major classes of...

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