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Tyr+metabolism+note+guide - COO-O O COO-Hydrolase...

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JLMarsh 9/96 BH2 H O 2 Tyr COO- NH 2 OH Dopa dopa quinone -melanin COO- NH 2 OH OH Dopamine pOH phenyl pyruvate COO- OH O BH4 used by PAH, TH; TrpOH nor-epinepherine epinepherine COO- NH2 OH OH NH 2 OH OH OH degrade Homogenistic acid COO- OH OH maleylaceto acetate
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Unformatted text preview: COO-O O COO-Hydrolase Acetoacetate & fumarate BH4, tetrahydro biopterin O 2 + Phe 6-pyruvoyl tetrahydro pterin = 6PT 6PT Synthetase DHNP GTP GTP-CH, GTP cyclo hydrolase COO-NH 2...
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