pete493lab1 - Rig Up Rig Down Pete 493 Project#1 Date...

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Rig Up, Rig Down Pete 493 Project #1 Date Conducted 9/24/09 Date submitted 10/08/09 Objective The essentials to mobilization and demobilization of rig-up rig-down process. Introduction Rigging up is setting up the various parts of equipment that make up the rig, and preparing the site for drilling. Discussion There are many different steps that must be completed in the Rig-Up Rig-Down process. One of the very first steps in the process in completing the correct paper work to make sure the drilling operation is in compliance with the law. The drilling operation must have proper permits and acquire the needed lease agreements. Also the land for which the drilling will take place must be surveyed. All these legal issues must be completed before any drilling can begin. The drilling site can begin to prepare for drilling once all these legal documents are complete. First, a board road must be built to the drilling site. This road is necessary for trucks to deliver the equipment to start building the rig. Boards are used for the road way to prevent the road from becoming unusable when wet. Next the proper dirt work takes place to prepare the land for the rig. The well cellar is then dug and
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This note was uploaded on 10/27/2009 for the course PETROLEUM 493 taught by Professor Hayatovodi during the Spring '09 term at University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

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pete493lab1 - Rig Up Rig Down Pete 493 Project#1 Date...

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