PETE 481# 2 Flash Point - PETE 488 Production Engineering...

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PETE 488 Production Engineering Laboratory Lab 2 Measurements of Oil Gravity, Viscosity, and Bottom Sediment and Water Prepared for: Dr. Boyun Guo Prepared by: eger Petroleum Enginnering Department University of Louisiana At Lafayette Date: September 07, 2009 1
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Objective: The objective of this lab is to construct a student to be more advanced and competent in measuring the flash point. With the implementation of different devices we were able to retain data from the experiment. Introduction: In the petroleum industry, crude oil properties are commonly used for designing oil transportation systems and facilities. One important property of crude that must be known is measuring the flash point particularly due to the safety issue in oil storage. It is defined as the temperature at which oil must be heated in order to give enough vapor to form a flammable mixture of air. “Therefore, temperature is the key to determine the concentration of evaporated flammable liquid in the air. Each flammable liquid requires a different concentration of its vapor
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PETE 481# 2 Flash Point - PETE 488 Production Engineering...

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