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Asoka - example Legalism would cut the hand off of anyone...

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History 111 The message of the Rock and Pillar edicts of Asoka, sent a message of piece. This is much different than the message of other rulers of ancient civilizations, where as most of them ruled by strict law. Asoka wished to convert people to Buddhism, instead of conquering people by war; he wanted to conquer them with the Dharma, saying that the highest form of conquest is teaching the Dharma. Asoka also tried to help people who have been wrongfully imprisoned so the whole family could live a happier life. This is a much different idea than any other rule at the time, which is shown in legalism for
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Unformatted text preview: example. Legalism would cut the hand off of anyone that stole, young or old. Asoka also had a much kinder way of looking out for the wellbeing of his people. He looked at all men as being his children, meaning that he must provide and look after the welfare of them. Along roads he planted trees for shade and built rest-houses. He also made medical treatment not only for men but for animals as well. This was also different than any other government at that time, which practically used its’ people for cheap labor to build walls or tombs. Asoka was a ruler of piece and morals....
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