CISC - Lab 2 CICS 200 Introduction to Computer and...

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Lab 2 CICS 200 Introduction to Computer and Information Technology How a computer works Purpose This lab is designed to introduce you to what a computer is, how a computer functions, the parts of a computer, the System unit, the Boot process and the fetch/execute cycle. Further, this lab will provide you with background knowledge that will be useful later as you experiment with computer problems, diagnose problems and learn to maintain your computer in later labs. Instructions Complete this lab with a partner and discuss each step with that person. You may use ANY computer for pages 1 and 2 of this lab. You must use the Dell Optiplex 745computer for the remainder of this lab. Ask your instructor where it is located. Together with your partner, write answers to those steps that require it ( they are in boldface, underlined and surrounded by ** ) on a blank piece of paper . At the end of the lab, turn in your paper with your names on it or you may e-mail the answers. What is a computer? 1. A computer consists of hardware and software and is an electronic device that executes the instructions in a program. A computer is generally considered to have three main pieces of hardware: Input unit such as a: keyboard, mouse, scanner, camera CPU (Central Processing Unit) – that is what is inside the box and is known as a system unit Output unit such as a monitor or a printer Computers are designed to accept data (input) from the input device; perform mathematical and logical operations at high speed (The CPU processes the input data), and supply the results of these operations to an output device. The computer is really only the CPU. Input and Output devices do NO computing, they simply send and receive input and output to/from the user. **Read about input and output devices in the text in Chapter 2. What is the difference ©2005 CICS Department – University of St Thomas 1
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between a CRT and a LCD monitor? List one advantage of an inkjet printer and one advantage of a Laser printer.** The CPU (microprocessor) is the brain of your computer. It is contained inside the system unit (the other hardware that is not the keyboard or monitor). It interprets all the instructions that it receives from various devices and then executes those instructions, such as telling your printer to print. The faster the processor, generally the faster the computer will usually be able to
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CISC - Lab 2 CICS 200 Introduction to Computer and...

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