HW3 - 2 Assume Alice wants to send a message m to Bob...

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CSE824 Homework 3 Due: Nov.21, 2008 1. When Alice sends a message to Bob, she computes a message digest of the message (e.g., MD5), and sends the message digest along with the message. Will the above method work for integrity check in email? Is any extra security gained by having Alice encrypt the message digest with Bob’s public key?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Assume Alice wants to send a message m to Bob. Instead of encrypting m with Bob's public key K + B , she generates a session key K A,B and then sends [K A,B ( m ), K + B (K A,B )]. Why is this scheme generally better? 3. Explain how Onion Routing works to achieve anonymity?...
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