Chapter1 - CSE824 Advanced Computer Networking and...

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1 Introduction 1-1 CSE824 Advanced Computer Networking and Communications Li Xiao (Instructor) 1128 EB, 353-4386, [email protected] Office Hours: TuTh 4:20-5:20PM Classroom: 1257 Anthony Hall TuTh 3:00-4:20PM Introduction 1-2 Topics ± Computer Networks and the Internet, including ² Application layer, ² Transport layer, ² Network layer and routing, ² Link layer and local area networks, ² Wireless and mobile networks, ² Multimedia networking, ² Internet security, ² Network management. ± Distributed Internet Applications ² Web caching, ² Peer-to-peer systems, ² Wireless applications Introduction 1-3 Textbook ± Computer Networking: A Top- Down Approach, by Kurose and Ross, 4th ed. Addison Wesley. ± A collection of papers from journals, conference proceedings, and web sites will be read. Introduction 1-4 Grading ± Exams (30%) ± Homework assignments (30%) ± Project (40%) Introduction 1-5 Important Dates ± Midterm Exam: Oct.14 (Tuesday) ± Final Exam: Dec.4 (Thursday) ± Project Proposal: Oct.7 (Tuesday) ± Project Progress Report: Nov.6 (Thursday) ± Project Progress Presentation: Last two weeks ± Project Final Report: Dec.8 (Monday) Introduction 1-6 Disability ± If you have a disability, please contact the Resource Center for People with Disabilities to discuss academic accommodations (353-9642).
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2 Introduction 1-7 Chapter 1 Introduction Al material copyright 1996-2007 J.F Kurose and K.W. Ross, Al Rights Reserved Introduction 1-8 Chapter 1: Introduction Our goal: ± get “feel” and terminology ± more depth, detail later in course ± approach: ² use Internet as example Overview: ± what’s the Internet? ± what’s a protocol? ± network edge; hosts, access net, physical media ± network core: packet/circuit switching, Internet structure ± performance: loss, delay, throughput ± security ± protocol layers, service models ± history Introduction 1-9 Chapter 1: roadmap 1.1 What is the Internet? 1.2 Network edge ± end systems, access networks, links 1.3 Network core ± circuit switching, packet switching, network structure 1.4 Delay, loss and throughput in packet-switched networks 1.5 Protocol layers, service models 1.6 Networks under attack: security 1.7 History Introduction 1-10 What’s the Internet: “nuts and bolts” view ± millions of connected computing devices: hosts = end systems ² running network apps Home network Institutional network Mobile network Global ISP Regional ISP router PC server wireless laptop cellular handheld wired links access points ± communication links ² fiber, copper, radio, satellite ² transmission rate = bandwidth ± routers: forward packets (chunks of data) Introduction 1-11 What’s the Internet: “nuts and bolts” view ± protocols control sending, receiving of msgs ² e.g., TCP, IP, HTTP, Skype, Ethernet ± Internet: “network of networks” ² loosely hierarchical ² public Internet versus private intranet ± Internet standards ² RFC: Request for comments ² IETF: Internet Engineering Task Force Home network Institutional network Mobile network Global ISP Regional ISP Introduction 1-12
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Chapter1 - CSE824 Advanced Computer Networking and...

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