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practice_final_b - Practice Final Exam Chem 2C(B Name...

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Practice Final Exam -- Chem 2C (B) Name Professor Kauzlarich U. C. Davis is an Honor Institution Student I.D. T.A. POTENTIALLY USEFUL INFORMATION and a PERIODIC CHART are given on the last two pages of this exam. The S’04 final exam is scheduled for Wednesday, June 16 th , (8:00-10:00 am).
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Name 2 Each multiple choice question is worth 5 points. Circle the BEST answer. Only ONE answer will be graded--if two are circled--the answer will be counted as WRONG! 1. What type of particle is captured and what type is emitted in the nucleosynthesis, 54 Fe ––> 54 Mn ? (a) Neutron capture and proton emission occurs. (b) Neutron capture and α particle emission. (c) Only neutron capture occurs (d) Neutron capture and positron emission occurs (e) Electron capture occurs and α particle emission. 2. What set of hybrid orbitals is used by C in ClCN?? 3. Given: 2O 3 (g) ––> 3O 2 (g) rate = k [O 3 ] 2 [O 2 ] –1 The overall order of the reaction is 4. How many protons, and neutron, respectively, are there in 128 I?
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