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Unformatted text preview: Gateways and Pathways Gateway: pg. 443 “I felt like one who had excaped a den of hungry lions. This state of mind, however, very soon subsided; and I was again seized with a feeling of great insecurity and loneliness… the loneliness overcame me.” I believe this is a gateway because it is a learning experience for Douglass. He is in the middle of a major city, but realizes that because he knows no one, he is completely alone. He adopts the motto “Trust no man” (pg. 443) because through these events, he has learned that he cannot trust anyone. Pathway: pg. 444 “I had been in New York but a few days, when Mr. Ruggles sought me out, and very kindly took me to his boarding-house at the corner of Church and Lespenard Streets.” I believe this is a pathway because it is a decision point for Douglass. He has just finished discussing how he does not trust anyone, yet he decides to trust Mr. Ruggles. This direction helped lead him towards his freedom, because Mr. Ruggles was able to advise Douglass as to the best way to keep his towards his freedom, because Mr....
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