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Reconstruction and the meanings of freedom after the Civil War: Reconstruction: 1863-1877 -Confederacy was dead -Women tried to gain voting rights for women and blacks but blacks focused on themselves -Dangerous period -Slavery gone - In 1865, John Rapier attended The Alabama Freedmen Convention produced a Petition that called on the Federal government to reconstruct the South. -Right to vote , free speech, press, schools, equal rights for all men . -Blacks supported Republican Party -Whites thought emancipation looked like pure anarchy. They thought blacks reverted to their natural condition: Lazy, irresponsible, and wild. -New Labor Code (free labor) -Black quest for Autonomy- Ex slaves weren’t given anything Slaves lost their families separated by slavery Johnson lacked sympathy for blacks. He hated planters. He gave ex confederates all confiscated land. South resisted 13 th amendment. -State governments of s. adopted a series of laws= black codes…kept ex slaves subordinate to whites by subjecting them to discrimination…(illegal owndership of guns… insults…barred from jury duty… Johnson even appointed confederates from the south (not loyal unionists) -Republicans even accepted…. .restore slavery but not its name (black codes) -Republicans-did not champion black equality or black voting. (as did the radicals)… Refused to seat southern reps. Presidential vs. congressional/ radical reconstruction: Congress passed the 14 th amendment to secure equality (life liberty and property equality)… Johnson advised Southerners to reject it. He would gather its white opponents into a conservative
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party: The National Union Party. S o southerners rampaged against blacks…VIOLENCE against them. 34 blacks died. White mobs went around killing. Radicals started coming into the picture once these southerners rejected moderates’ program… They’re defiance boosted radicals w/in republican party. Congress overturned Johnson state govts into military rule of south. Military Reconstruction Act (1867)- 10 confederate states into five military districts. Union general in each state. To suppress insurrection, disorder, and violence. Wanted to redistribute the confiscated lands to ex slaves. Wanted to include blacks and give them voting rights but Johnson vetoed it. Thaddeues Stevens: believed that bottom reconstruction was an economic problem…give blacks their own land and they’ll take care of themselves. Republicans believed they had already provided blacks w/ everything . .but they gained a lot of ground in the south…they won elections and so forth 15 th amendment: gave right to vote…threatens to reduce representative of a state that denies suffrage of any MALE inhabitants. -Southerners gave out literacy tests to prevent blacks.
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notes - Reconstruction and the meanings of freedom after...

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