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Long Term Memory Notes

Long Term Memory Notes - Chapter 3 Self Concept...

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Chapter 3: Self Concept: Understanding Ourselves Self-concept : individual’s knowledge and beliefs about themselves Ideas, feelings, attitudes, and expectations Our Attempt to explain ourselves to ourselves and build a scheme that organizses our feelings that vary from situation to situation COGNITIVE STRUCTURE WHAT WE THINKG ABOUT OURSELVES. Self-esteem : Evaluative judgment of self-worth Influenced by culture about characteristics of oneself. Structure of Self-Concept Make up of other more specific concepts Social relationship concepts Made up of concepts of peers, teachers, adults, and family For older people, there isn’t an overall concept, but it’s more situation specific How Self-C concept Develops Through constant self-evaluation in different situations Children and adolescents constantly as selves “How am I doing?” Based on own improvement over time Comparing selves to others Self-Concept and Achievement Self-Concept linked to range of accomplishments Sports, jobs, and school Important in course selection Positive self-concept in a subject leads to choosing classes with in it. School life and Self-Esteem 2 questions to ask: 1-How does it affect behavior in school? 2-How does life in school affect self-esteem?
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1-Related to higher achievement But doesn’t mean it causes it 2-Feeling good about a school (teacher feedback, caring of teachers, class interest leves) influence self-esteem (ie p.e. teacher omments, student of the month) 100 Years ago, William James: Self-Esteem: determined by how successful we are in accomplishing tasks we value There is incompetence in an area we don’t value Students must attribute successes to their own actions to build self-esteem Cheating doesn’t help that Help students achieve important understanding Diversity and Identity Gender and ethnic stereotypes can have an Impact on views of self competency Perception of self Generic perceptions: Boys are good @ math/science/sports
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Long Term Memory Notes - Chapter 3 Self Concept...

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