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Unformatted text preview: Español 101, Fall 2009 1 E s p a ñ o l 1 0 1 A Blended Course Department of Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese University of Illinois at Chicago Instructor: E-mail: Office: Phone: Office Hrs: ¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to Spanish 101, one of the most fun and yet challenging courses you will take at UIC. What follows is basic information about the course. Please read it thoroughly. Questions? Please ask! Metas ( goals ) The goals of Spanish 101 are various. The first is to develop basic communicative skills in Spanish as a second language. These include but are not limited to the following sample abilities: describing your normal weekly and weekend routines and describing what you do to relax talking about your family and family resemblances using descriptions of physical and personality features describing foods you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner A second goal is to develop some general knowledge about cultural differences between the U.S. and the Spanish-speaking world. Some examples are: differences in daily routines, including meals and typical activities differences in where and how people shop differences in university systems Do not expect this course to be just about grammar and vocabulary learning. Although you will be learning grammar and vocabulary to achieve the above goals, they are not the only focal point of this course. You will also be tested on cultural and communicative aspects of the language, as well, so studying and preparation cannot be limited to studying grammar and vocabulary. Who can take this course? This course is for non-native, non-heritage students who fall into one of the following groups: Students who have had no previous study of Spanish. Students who have completed one or less than one year of high school Spanish. Students who took the UIC placement exam and were placed into this class. Students who took two to four years of Spanish in high school must take the placement exam, which may allow them to place out of the 101-104 sequence entirely. We encourage this option. Spanish Placement test: ONLY offered at the Office of Testing Services. Check out their website, http://pep.testing.uic.edu/ for information, or call (312) 996-0919, 24 hours a day. Español 101, Fall 2009 2 Materials : The following materials are required for this course and available at the UIC bookstore: Spanish 101 package from the UIC bookstore which includes: o Sol y viento textbook – Second edition (McGraw-Hill, 2009) ISBN 0-07-729787-3 o Sol y viento access code for the Online Workbook, Volume 1 — second edition (do NOT buy a paper workbook) Headphones (for Centro audio activities). You may not require this with your computer....
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This note was uploaded on 10/27/2009 for the course ED 210 taught by Professor Thorkildeson during the Spring '09 term at Ill. Chicago.

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101SyllabusFall2009final - Español 101 Fall 2009 1 E s p a...

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