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curriculum project-1 - • PHILOSOPHY of education how does...

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Curriculum Project Guidelines ED 200, Spring 2009 If you were teaching, how would you teach towards social justice? Design a curriculum consisting of 3-4 lesson plans for your choice of grade level and subject matter (for class periods lasting 45-90 minutes). • Each lesson plan should include the context, objectives, assessments, and activities -see “Suggested Format for Lesson Plan” for help • Accompanying your curriculum is a 4-5 page, double-spaced essay that explores your GOALS: what are the purposes of your unit? RATIONALE: what is the relationship between your curriculum and the course readings?
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Unformatted text preview: • PHILOSOPHY of education: how does this curriculum fit into your broader views of how education should be? • This project is intended to give you the chance to apply some of what we have learned this semester (i.e., to imagine ways of teaching that engage with the course topics and readings), as well as to experience some of the work involved in teaching. Be creative, and make this project meaningful to you. The Final Project (lesson plans and essay) are due April 27th ....
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