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Suggested Format for Lesson Planning Kumashiro (updated Fall 08) (1) Context What is the student context for this lesson (who is in the class)? What is the curriculum context for this lesson (where does this lesson occur in the larger curriculum; what does this lesson draw on and lead to)? Which “learning standards” will be addressed by this lesson? (2) Guiding Question What is the “guiding question” for this lesson? (3) Objectives (“By the end of the lesson, students will …”) What knowledge , if any, will students learn and enhance (concepts, etc.)? What skills , if any, will students learn and develop (abilities, etc.)? What moral and personal benefits , if any, will students gain? (4) Assessments (aligned with Objectives, central aspects of Activities) What products/performances/events/etc. will be used to assess student learning, both formatively and summatively? (5) Activities (including times, instructions, materials, and lead instructors)
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Unformatted text preview: • What framework will assemble the activities in a progressive/scaffolded order? • What types of discussion questions will be asked? Give examples. • What activities will reach diverse interests, abilities, and learning styles? • What activities will be student-centered and interactive ? (6) Reflections (after the lesson is taught; not to be included in the lesson plans for this course) • What “worked” and did not “work”? • What problems arose? • How did you and the lesson “meet” and/or “miss” the different students? • What learning was made possible, and what learning was impossible, through this lesson? • What might have been the hidden curriculum in this class? • How did the lesson address classism, racism, sexism, heterosexism, and other –isms? • Did students “learn through crisis”? • Were students left with questions as well as “answers”? • What might you do differently next time?...
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