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curriculum project-1 - Chapter 9 Pg 343-350 On cognitive...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 9 Pg. 343-350 On cognitive and social constructivism …Constructivism is the view that emphasizes the active role of the learner in building understanding and making sense of information. There is no constructivist theory of learning but most share 2 main ideas. These two main ideas are: Learners are active in constructing their own knowledge and social interactions which are important to knowledge construction. Constructivism views learning as more than receiving and processing information . One way to organize constructivist views is to talk about two forms of constructivism. These two forms of constructivism are psychological construction – focus on how individuals use information resources and even help from others to build and improve their mental models and problem- solving strategies, social construction – see learning as increasing our abilities to participate with others in activates that are meaningful in the culture. Psychological is also known as individual constructivism . First wave constructivism focuses on the individual and individual constructivism ....
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curriculum project-1 - Chapter 9 Pg 343-350 On cognitive...

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