0 km long the distance to the water supply and the

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Unformatted text preview: a quick estimate (using the hydraulic diameter) and a more accurate estimate (using the effective diameter correction), and compare. (c) If the losses are different for the two cases, explain why. Which duct, if any, is more “efficient”? A b a R C6.5 “manifold’’ is surprisingly high, and there will be too much flow through the holes near that end. One remedy is to vary the hole size along the pipe axis. Make a design analysis, perhaps using a personal computer, to pick the optimum hole-size distribution that will make the discharge flow rate as uniform as possible along the pipe axis. You are constrained to pick hole sizes that correspond only to commercial (numbered) metric drill-bit sizes available to the typical machine shop. Textbook Table of Contents | Study Guide References 423 20 cm Pump D6.1 10 m design. The design should be economical — both in capital costs and operating expense. Taco Inc. has provided the following cost estimates for system components: D6.2 It is desired to design a...
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