00 m below the water surface the roughness inside the

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Unformatted text preview: e diameter. C6.5 Water at room temperature flows at the same volume flow rate, Q 9.4 10 4 m3/s, through two ducts, one a round pipe and one an annulus. The cross-sectional area A of the two ducts is identical, and all walls are made of commercial steel. Both ducts are the same length. In the cross sections Design Projects | v v D6.1 A hydroponic garden uses the 10-m-long perforated-pipe system in Fig. D6.1 to deliver water at 20°C. The pipe is 5 cm in diameter and contains a circular hole every 20 cm. A pump delivers water at 75 kPa (gage) at the entrance, while the other end of the pipe is closed. If you attempted, e.g., Prob. 3.125, you know that the pressure near the closed end of a perforated | e-Text Main Menu | shown in Fig. C6.5 R 15.0 mm and a 25.0 mm. (a) What is the radius b such that the cross-sectional areas of the two ducts are identical? (b) Compare the frictional head loss hf per unit length of pipe for the two cases, assuming fully developed flow. For the annulus, do both...
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