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Unformatted text preview: sharp exit. into a reservoir. If the elevation at point 1 is 400 m, what What is the input power required in horsepower with and gage pressure is required at point 1 to deliver 0.005 m3/s without a 6° well-designed conical expansion added to the 3 of water at 20°C into the reservoir? exit? The flow rate is 0.4 ft /s. Elevation 500 m Sharp exit 6˚ cone 20 ft 45˚ Pump Open globe 45˚ 1 P6.105 P6.102 | v v P6.103 The reservoirs in Fig. P6.103 are connected by cast-iron pipes joined abruptly, with sharp-edged entrance and exit. Including minor losses, estimate the flow of water at 20°C | e-Text Main Menu | P6.106 The water pipe in Fig. P6.106 slopes upward at 30°. The pipe has a 1-in diameter and is smooth. The flanged globe valve is fully open. If the mercury manometer shows a 7-in deflection, what is the flow rate in ft3/s? P6.107 In Fig. P6.107 the pipe is galvanized iron. Estimate the percentage increase in the flow rate (a) if the pipe entrance Textbook Table of Contents | Study Guide 414...
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