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105 p6106 the water pipe in fig p6106 slopes upward

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Unformatted text preview: vanized-iron pipe system of Fig. P6.113 delivers gasoline at 20°C with a total flow rate of 0.036 m3/s. If the pump is wide open and not running, with a loss coefficient K 1.5, determine (a) the flow rate in each pipe and (b) the overall pressure drop. with hp in ft and Q in ft3/s. Estimate the resulting flow rate, in ft3/s. P6.109 In Fig. P6.109 there are 125 ft of 2-in pipe, 75 ft of 6-in pipe, and 150 ft of 3-in pipe, all cast iron. There are three 90° elbows and an open globe valve, all flanged. If the exit elevation is zero, what horsepower is extracted by the turbine when the flow rate is 0.16 ft3/s of water at 20°C? L1 = 60 m, D1 = 5 cm Q = 0.036 m3/s Pump Elevation 100 ft 2 in P6.113 Turbine 6 in Open globe P6.114 Modify Prob. 6.113 as follows. Let the pump be running and delivering 45 kW to the flow in pipe 2. The fluid is EES gasoline at 20°C. Determine (a) the flow rate in each pipe and (b) the overall pressure drop. P6.115 In Fig. P6.115 all pipes are 8-cm-diameter cast iron. Determine the flow rate from reservoir 1 if valve...
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