121 p6122 modify prob 6121 as follows reduce the

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Unformatted text preview: omputer.) P6.127 In the five-pipe horizontal network of Fig. P6.127, assume that all pipes have a friction factor f 0.025. For the given inlet and exit flow rate of 2 ft3/s of water at 20°C, determine the flow rate and direction in all pipes. If pA 120 lbf/in2 gage, determine the pressures at points B, C, and D. d = 8 in B 4000 ft P6.127 P6.128 Modify Prob. 6.127 as follows. Let the inlet flow rate at A and the exit flow at D be unknown. Let pA pB 100 lbf/in2. Compute the flow rate in all five pipes. P6.129 In Fig. P6.129 all four horizontal cast-iron pipes are 45 m long and 8 cm in diameter and meet at junction a, delivering water at 20°C. The pressures are known at four points as shown: p1 950 kPa p2 350 kPa p3 675 kPa p4 100 kPa Neglecting minor losses, determine the flow rate in each pipe. v v 1.0 ft3/s P6.130 8 in | B 3000 ft 6 in | C 2.0 ft3/s 3 in 2 ft3/s 0.5 ft3/s D A 9 in A 0.5 ft3/s 2 ft3/s D C P6.130 In Fig. P6.130 lengths AB and BD are 2000 and 1500 ft, respectively. The friction...
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