130 in fig p6130 lengths ab and bd are 2000 and 1500

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Unformatted text preview: recovery. P6.134 For Prob. 6.133 suppose we are limited by space to a total diffuser length of 30 ft. What should the diffuser angle, exit height, and exit pressure be for maximum recovery? Textbook Table of Contents | Study Guide Problems 417 P6.135 A small airplane flying at 5000-m altitude uses a pitot stagnation probe without static holes. The measured stagnation pressure is 56.5 kPa. Estimate the airplane’s speed in mi/h and its uncertainty. Is a compressibility correction needed? P6.136 For the pitot-static pressure arrangement of Fig. P6.136, the manometer fluid is (colored) water at 20°C. Estimate (a) the centerline velocity, (b) the pipe volume flow, and (c) the (smooth) wall shear stress. 10 m Air 16 cm D = 6 cm P6.138 Air 8 cm 20°C ptotal 1 atm h1 V 40 mm P6.136 h2 pstatic P6.137 For the 20°C water flow of Fig. P6.137, use the pitot-static arrangement to estimate (a) the centerline velocity and (b) the volume flow in the 5-in-diameter smooth pipe. (c) What error in flow rate is caused by neglecting the 1-...
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