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Unformatted text preview: he obstruction is a long-radius flow nozzle. P6.150 Gasoline at 20°C flows at 0.06 m3/s through a 15-cm pipe and is metered by a 9-cm long-radius flow nozzle (Fig. 6.39a). What is the expected pressure drop across the nozzle? P6.151 Ethyl alcohol at 20°C flowing in a 6-cm-diameter pipe is metered through a 3-cm long-radius flow nozzle. If the measured pressure drop is 45 kPa, what is the estimated volume flow, in m3/h? P6.152 Kerosine at 20°C flows at 20 m3/h in an 8-cm-diameter pipe. The flow is to be metered by an ISA 1932 flow nozzle so that the pressure drop is 7000 Pa. What is the proper nozzle diameter? Textbook Table of Contents | Study Guide Problems 419 P6.153 Two water tanks, each with base area of 1 ft2, are connected by a 0.5-in-diameter long-radius nozzle as in Fig. P6.153. If h 1 ft as shown for t 0, estimate the time for h(t) to drop to 0.25 ft. D = 6 in 9 in d = 3 in h = 1ft 4 in 2 ft d = 1 in 2 1 ft 2 P6.153 1 ft 2 P6.156 *P6.154 Water at 20°C flows through the orifice in Fig. P6.154, which is monitored by a mercury manometer. If d 3 cm, (a) what is...
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