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621 water at 20c flows in a 9 cm diameter pipe under

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Unformatted text preview: sity and 0.41 is Kármán’s dimensionless mixing-length v v P6.19 A 5-mm-diameter capillary tube is used as a viscometer for oils. When the flow rate is 0.071 m3/h, the measured pressure drop per unit length is 375 kPa/m. Estimate the viscosity of the fluid. Is the flow laminar? Can you also estimate the density of the fluid? P6.20 A soda straw is 20 cm long and 2 mm in diameter. It delivers cold cola, approximated as water at 10°C, at a rate of 3 cm3/s. (a) What is the head loss through the straw? What is the axial pressure gradient p/ x if the flow is (b) vertically up or (c) horizontal? Can the human lung deliver this much flow? P6.21 Water at 20°C is to be siphoned through a tube 1 m long and 2 mm in diameter, as in Fig. P6.21. Is there any height H for which the flow might not be laminar? What is the flow rate if H 50 cm? Neglect the tube curvature. L = 1 m, d = 2 mm H Water at 20˚ C P6.21 h x | In Probs. 6.19 to 6.99, neglect minor losses. V υ y constant [2, 3]. Assuming th...
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