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Unformatted text preview: f liquid or gas passing through a duct. The different devices available to make these measurements are discussed in great detail in the ASME text on fluid meters [30]. These devices split into two classes: mechanical instruments and head-loss instruments. The mechanical instruments measure actual mass or volume of fluid by trapping it and counting it. The various types of measurement are 1. Mass measurement a. Weighing tanks b. Tilting traps 2. Volume measurement a. Volume tanks b. Reciprocating pistons c. Rotating slotted rings d. Nutating disk e. Sliding vanes f. Gear or lobed impellers g. Reciprocating bellows h. Sealed-drum compartments The last three of these are suitable for gas flow measurement. The head-loss devices obstruct the flow and cause a pressure drop which is a measure of flux: 1. Bernoulli-type devices a. Thin-plate orifice b. Flow nozzle c. Venturi tube 2. Friction-loss devices a. Capillary tube b. Porous plug The friction-loss meters cause a large nonrecoverable head loss and obstruct the flow too much to be generally use...
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