659 p658 in fig p655 assume that the pipe is cast iron

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Unformatted text preview: Q or V. Use your chart to solve Example 6.9. A tank contains 1 m3 of water at 20°C and has a drawncapillary outlet tube at the bottom, as in Fig. P6.63. Find the outlet volume flux Q in m3/h at this instant. For the system in Fig. P6.63, solve for the flow rate in m3/h if the fluid is SAE 10 oil at 20°C. Is the flow laminar or turbulent? Water at 20°C h L = 80 ft D = 1 in 2 P6.67 P6.68 Water at 20°C is to be pumped through 2000 ft of pipe from reservoir 1 to 2 at a rate of 3 ft3/s, as shown in Fig. P6.68. If the pipe is cast iron of diameter 6 in and the pump is 75 percent efficient, what horsepower pump is needed? 120 ft 2 L = 2000 ft 1 Pump P6.68 1m P6.69 For Prob. 6.68 suppose the only pump available can deliver 80 hp to the fluid. What is the proper pipe size in inches to maintain the 3 ft3/s flow rate? P6.70 In Fig. P6.68 suppose the pipe is 6-in-diameter cast iron and the pump delivers 75 hp to the flow. What flow rate Q ft3/s results? P6.71 It is desired to solve Prob. 6.68 for the most economical pump and cast-iron pipe system. If the pump costs $125 per horsepower delivered to the fluid and the pipe costs $7000 per inch...
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