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668 for the most economical pump and cast iron pipe

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Unformatted text preview: required for the flow rate to be 0.015 ft3/s? P6.75 You wish to water your garden with 100 ft of 5 -in-diame8 ter hose whose roughness is 0.011 in. What will be the delivery, in ft3/s, if the gage pressure at the faucet is 60 lbf/in2? If there is no nozzle (just an open hose exit), what is the maximum horizontal distance the exit jet will carry? P6.76 The small turbine in Fig. P6.76 extracts 400 W of power from the water flow. Both pipes are wrought iron. Compute the flow rate Q m3/h. Sketch the EGL and HGL accurately. Water 20˚ C L = 50 m P6.78 P6.79 A garden hose is to be used as the return line in a waterfall display at a mall. In order to select the proper pump, you need to know the roughness height inside the garden hose. Unfortunately, roughness information is not something supplied by the hose manufacturer. So you devise a simple experiment to measure the roughness. The hose is attached to the drain of an aboveground swimming pool, the surface of which is 3.0 m above the hose outlet. You estimate the minor loss coefficient of...
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