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Unformatted text preview: cm? (a) 25 cm, (b) 40 cm, (c) 50 cm, (d) 75 cm, (e) 100 cm FE6.14 Water at 20°C flows through a pipe at 300 gal/min with a friction head loss of 45 ft. What is the power required to drive this flow? (a) 0.16 kW, (b) 1.88 kW, (c) 2.54 kW, (d) 3.41 kW, (e) 4.24 kW FE6.15 Water at 20°C flows at 200 gal/min through a pipe 150 m long and 8 cm in diameter. If the friction head loss is 12 m, what is the Moody friction factor? (a) 0.010, (b) 0.015, (c) 0.020, (d) 0.025, (e) 0.030 Comprehensive Problems than LB. It is desired to predict the pressure at J, the three pipe velocities and friction factors, and the pump head. Thus there are eight variables: H, VA, VB, VC, fA, fB, fC, pJ. Write down the eight equations needed to resolve this problem, but do not solve, since an elaborate iteration procedure, or an equation solver such as EES, would be required. C6.3 A small water slide is to be installed inside a swimming pool. See Fig. C6.3. The slide manufacturer recommends a continuous water flow rate Q of...
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