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An annulus of narrow clearance causes a very large

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Unformatted text preview: system at 150 m3/h. Estimate the pressure drop per meter. D = 6 cm d = 2 cm P6.94 P6.95 Modify Prob. 6.94 as follows. Let the seven 2-cm tubes be solid rods, so that the air can only pass through the curved triangular cusped passages. Compute the pressure drop per meter of duct length. P6.96 Hydrogen, at 20°C and approximately 1 atm, is to be pumped through a smooth rectangular duct 85 m long of aspect ratio 5:1. If the flow rate is 0.7 m3/s and the pressure drop is 80 Pa, what should the width and height of the duct cross section be? P6.97 A wind tunnel has a wooden rectangular section 45 cm by 95 cm by 26 m long. It uses sea-level standard air at 31m/s average velocity. Estimate the pressure drop and the power required if the fan efficiency is 75 percent. P6.98 A rectangular heat exchanger is to be divided into smaller sections using sheets of commercial steel 0.4 mm thick, as sketched in Fig. P6.98. The flow rate is 20 kg/s of water at 20°C. Basic dimensions are L 1 m, W 20 cm, and H 10 cm. What is the proper number of square se...
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