Compute the total flow rate between 1 and 2 if the

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Unformatted text preview: C is (a) closed and (b) open, K 0.5. 3 in v v P6.109 | | e-Text Main Menu L 2 = 55 m, D2 = 4 cm | Textbook Table of Contents | Study Guide Problems 415 1 Z = 25 m Pipe 2 Z=0m Water at 20°C 10 m L = 50 m Length, m Diameter, cm 1 2 3 800 600 900 12 8 10 B L = 100 m C A 30 m L = 70 m The total flow rate is 200 m3/h of water at 20°C. Determine (a) the flow rate in each pipe and (b) the pressure drop across the system. P6.121 Consider the three-reservoir system of Fig. P6.121 with the following data: Valve L1 P6.116 For the series-parallel system of Fig. P6.116, all pipes are 8-cm-diameter asphalted cast iron. If the total pressure drop p1 p2 750 kPa, find the resulting flow rate Q m3/h for water at 20°C. Neglect minor losses. L2 125 m L3 160 m z1 P6.115 95 m 25 m z2 115 m z3 85 m All pipes are 28-cm-diameter unfinished concrete ( 1 mm). Compute the steady flow rate in all pipes for water at 20°C. Z2 L = 250 m Z3 Z1 150 m L2 100 m 1 P6.116 P6.121 P6.117 Modify Prob. 6.116 as follows. Let the flow rate be 45 m3/h of water at 20°C. Determine th...
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