Estimate a the roughness ratio of the pipe and b the

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Unformatted text preview: of diameter, what are the minimum cost and the pipe and pump size to maintain the 3 ft3/s flow rate? Make some simplifying assumptions. 1 m3 L = 80 cm D = 4 cm Q P6.63 | v v P6.61 P6.65 In Prob. 6.63 the initial flow is turbulent. As the water drains out of the tank, will the flow revert to laminar motion as the tank becomes nearly empty? If so, at what tank depth? Estimate the time, in h, to drain the tank completely. P6.66 Ethyl alcohol at 20°C flows through a 10-cm horizontal drawn tube 100 m long. The fully developed wall shear stress is 14 Pa. Estimate (a) the pressure drop, (b) the volume flow rate, and (c) the velocity u at r 1 cm. P6.67 What level h must be maintained in Fig. P6.67 to deliver a flow rate of 0.015 ft3/s through the 1 -in commercial-steel 2 pipe? | e-Text Main Menu | Textbook Table of Contents | Study Guide Problems 411 P6.72 The 5-m-long pipe in Fig. P6.72 may be oriented at any angle . If entrance losses are negligible for any (pure Moody friction loss), what is the optimum value of for which the jet height loss h is minimum? ∆h Water at 20°C 10 m cost of...
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