If the friction head loss is 12 m what is the moody

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Unformatted text preview: ater tunnel is 2.3 m/s. Your job is to select an appropriate U-tube from a manufacturer which supplies manometers of heights 8, 12, 16, 24, and 36 in. The cost increases significantly with manometer height. Which of these should you purchase? *C6.2 A pump delivers a steady flow of water ( , ) from a large tank to two other higher-elevation tanks, as shown in Fig. C6.2. The same pipe of diameter d and roughness is used throughout. All minor losses except through the valve are neglected, and the partially closed valve has a loss coefficient Kvalve. Turbulent flow may be assumed with all kinetic energy flux correction coefficients equal to 1.06. The pump net head H is a known function of QA and hence also of VA 2 QA/Apipe; for example, H a bVA, where a and b are constants. Subscript J refers to the junction point at the tee where branch A splits into B and C. Pipe length LC is much longer 3 Large tank VC 2 Branch A, LA Large tank v v | | e-Text Main Menu Valve VB Pump VA C6.2 Large tank Branch B, LB 1 | J Branch C, LC Textbook Table of Contents |...
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