Instead of measuring p0 or ps separately it is

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Unformatted text preview: n a moving stream. | Static pressure 0 –10% | 0° 10° Yaw angle θ e-Text Main Menu | 20° Textbook Table of Contents Differential pressure transducer | Study Guide 6.10 Fluid Meters 389 blood flow in arteries and veins. It is not suitable for low-velocity measurement in gases because of the small pressure differences developed. For example, if V 1 ft/s in standard air, from Eq. (6.117) we compute p0 p equal to only 0.001 lbf/ft2 (0.048 Pa). This is beyond the resolution of most pressure gages. Electromagnetic meter. If a magnetic field is applied across a conducting fluid, the fluid motion will induce a voltage across two electrodes placed in or near the flow. The electrodes can be streamlined or built into the wall, and they cause little or no flow resistance. The output is very strong for highly conducting fluids such as liquid metals. Seawater also gives good output, and electromagnetic current meters are in common use in oceanography. Even low-conductivity fresh water can be measured by amplifying the output and insulating the electrodes. Commercial in...
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