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Unformatted text preview: at turb w near the wall, show that this expression can be integrated to yield the logarithmic-overlap law, Eq. (6.21). Water at 20°C flows in a 9-cm-diameter pipe under fully developed conditions. The centerline velocity is 10 m/s. Compute (a) Q, (b) V, (c) w, and (d) p for a 100-m pipe length. | e-Text Main Menu | P6.22 SAE 30W oil at 20°C flows through a long, horizontal, 12cm-diameter tube. At section 1, the fluid pressure is 186 kPa. At section 2, which is 6 m further downstream, the pressure is 171 kPa. If the flow is laminar, estimate (a) the mass flow in kg/s and (b) the Reynolds number. P6.23 Glycerin at 20°C is to be pumped through a horizontal smooth pipe at 3.1 m3/s. It is desired that (1) the flow be laminar and (2) the pressure drop be no more than 100 Pa/m. What is the minimum pipe diameter allowable? P6.24 The 6-cm-diameter pipe in Fig. P6.24 contains glycerin at 20°C flowing at a rate of 6 m3/h. Verify that the flow is laminar. For the pressure measurements shown, is the flow up or down? What is the indicated head loss for these pressures? P6.25 To determine the viscosity of a liquid of specific gravity...
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