Let all data be the same except z3 which is unknown

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Unformatted text preview: factor is 0.022 everywhere, and pA 90 lbf/in2 gage. All pipes have a diameter of 6 in. For water at 20°C, determine the flow rate in all pipes and the pressures at points B, C, and D. e-Text Main Menu | P6.131 A water-tunnel test section has a 1-m diameter and flow properties V 20 m/s, p 100 kPa, and T 20°C. The boundary-layer blockage at the end of the section is 9 percent. If a conical diffuser is to be added at the end of the section to achieve maximum pressure recovery, what should its angle, length, exit diameter, and exit pressure be? P6.132 For Prob. 6.131 suppose we are limited by space to a total diffuser length of 10 m. What should the diffuser angle, exit diameter, and exit pressure be for maximum recovery? P6.133 A wind-tunnel test section is 3 ft square with flow properties V 150 ft/s, p 15 lbf/in2 absolute, and T 68°F. Boundary-layer blockage at the end of the test section is 8 percent. Find the angle, length, exit height, and exit pressure of a flat-walled diffuser added onto the section to achieve maximum pressure...
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