Neglect minor losses 30 cm by 30 cm fan room patm 12

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Unformatted text preview: ctions if the overall pressure drop is to be no more than 1600 Pa? Textbook Table of Contents | Study Guide Problems 413 W D = 2 in L = 20 ft H 1 1 in 2 2 in D = 1 in L = 20 ft L P6.98 P6.103 if the surface of reservoir 1 is 45 ft higher than that of P6.99 Air, approximately at sea-level standard conditions, is to reservoir 2. be delivered at 3 m3/s through a horizontal square commercial-steel duct. What are the appropriate duct dimen- *P6.104 Reconsider the air hockey table of Prob. 3.162 but with inclusion of minor losses. The table is 3.0 6.0 ft in area, sions if the pressure drop is not to exceed 90 Pa over a with 116 -in-diameter holes spaced every inch in a rectan100-m length? gular grid pattern (2592 holes total). The required jet speed *P6.100 Repeat Prob. 6.92 by including minor losses due to a sharpfrom each hole is estimated to be Vjet 50 ft/s. Your job edged entrance, the exit into the room, and an open gate is to select an appropriate blower which will meet the revalve. If the room pressure is 10 Pa vacuum, by what perquirements. Hint: Assume that the...
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