P6140 kerosine at 20c flows at 18 m3h in a 5 cm

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Unformatted text preview: time for the fluid level h(t) to drop from 2.0 to 1.6 m. 2 D = 6 cm 2m P6.147 proximated by thin-plate orifices. Hint: A momentum control volume may be very useful. P6.148 A smooth pipe containing ethanol at 20°C flows at 7 m3/h through a Bernoulli obstruction, as in Fig. P6.148. Three piezometer tubes are installed, as shown. If the obstruction is a thin-plate orifice, estimate the piezometer levels (a) h2 and (b) h3. h3 h2 h 1= 1 m 5m h (0) = 2 m d = 3 cm 1m P6.145 P6.148 h (t ) Q (t ) | v v P6.146 A pipe connecting two reservoirs, as in Fig. P6.146, contains a thin-plate orifice. For water flow at 20°C, estimate (a) the volume flow through the pipe and (b) the pressure drop across the orifice plate. P6.147 Air flows through a 6-cm-diameter smooth pipe which has a 2-m-long perforated section containing 500 holes (diameter 1 mm), as in Fig. P6.147. Pressure outside the pipe is sea-level standard air. If p1 105 kPa and Q1 110 m3/h, estimate p2 and Q2, assuming that the holes are ap- | e-Text Main Menu | D = 5 cm P6.149 Repeat Prob. 6.148 if t...
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